A-Z Parent Information


Absences from School

It is a legal requirement that the classroom teacher maintains an accurate record of children's attendance in the class roll. Attendance rolls are marked twice daily and all absences noted. Under the ACT Education Act 2004, it is the responsibility of parents/guardians to report their child’s absences to the school.

Parents are requested to notify the school by 9.00am on the day of their child’s absence. Notification can be by phone to the front office on 6142 2400 or email to the school’s email address school.information@chapmanps.act.edu.au An absent form is also available from the website and front office to assist parents with supplying written notification on the child’s return to school.

NB: Absence notification must NOT be emailed to the class teacher (but will be forwarded to them).

If you have specific considerations about your child’s daily attendance and would like notification by the school to inform you that your child is not at school, please contact your child’s teacher.

If a child needs to leave the school between 8.50am and 3.00pm parents must present to the front office and a note should be given to the class teacher. Penalties exist under the Act.  For further information please refer to the ACT Education Directorate website to download the Education Act.

Accident and Illness

If a child appears to be unwell before school, parents should make arrangements for the child to remain at home or be cared for elsewhere.

Student information check sheets are sent home at the start of each year to gather parent contact information for ready reference and should be returned promptly to the class teacher. To facilitate speedy contact with parents in an emergency, any change in home or work phone numbers, home address, place of employment or name of emergency contact should be notified immediately.

In the event of an accident or a child becoming ill during the day, we will make every effort to contact the parent using the information on the student information check sheets. If this is not possible, medical attention will be obtained at the Casualty Section of Canberra Hospital, unless parental permission has been refused in writing. For further information please read the section on Medical.

After School Care

Our program is held every morning and afternoon in the building located between the preschool and the main school. All staff are experienced and very caring. The program can be used on a permanent or casual basis but your child must be enrolled prior to first attendance. You can phone the coordinator to make a booking on the day you require child care, although a day's notice is preferable. We operate Monday to Friday. Please contact the service for full details on 6288 0655 or email on afters.cpasc@gmail.com

Ambulance Transportation

School students injured while under supervision at school or in a school-related situation are transported free of charge to the emergency section of either public hospital in the ACT.  Parents and guardians of students who participate in excursions and other school trips outside the ACT should note that free ambulance transportation only applies in the ACT. Parents and guardians are reminded to check their health cover for ambulance transportation for school students outside the ACT.

Casualty Treatment

  1. Under the Medicare arrangements no charges are raised for services provided at the accident and emergency sections of ACT public hospitals.
  2. If a student is subsequently admitted to hospital after receiving treatment in the accident or emergency section, s/he will be automatically classified as a Medicare patient and no charge will be raised.
  3. If you elect to have the student treated by a doctor of your choice, a hospital charge will apply.  The doctor may also charge for their services.  You are advised to have medical insurance if you wish to choose this option.


Communication between school and home is highly valued. Parents are asked to make an appointment for any discussion with the Principal, Deputy Principal, Counsellor or teachers. An appointment will be arranged at the earliest possible time and attention will be given immediately to urgent issues.


Regular assemblies are planned and conducted by children. Assemblies feature group singing, reports from children, displays of work and general announcements. All children attend, as regular whole-school gatherings create a cohesive school community and maintain a heightened school spirit. Parents are welcome to attend.


A range of assessment tools is used by our teachers to determine your child's progress throughout the year. A component of our assessment procedures each year will be PIPS assessment for Kindergarten children early in Term 1. Year 3, Year 5, Year 7 and Year 9 children will participate in the National Assessment Program for Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) early in Term 3. For further information, please refer to our Assessment and Reporting Policy.