A-Z Parent Information


Safe Play

Chapman Primary School is committed to maximising opportunities for every student to learn and play in a friendly and safe environment. The school has developed clear guidelines in relation to building positive relationships which are used to deal with issues which can occur in the classroom or playground. The school works with students to promote positive behaviours and any problems are addressed promptly.

The school rules are:

  • Play and behave in a safe, sensible and fair way
  • Be kind, caring and considerate of others
  • Help other people learn and work without interruption
  • Look after our school environment, equipment and other people's property


Developing school and class rules is a collaborative effort and they are designed for safety and security of the whole community. These are regularly discussed during class meetings, SRC meetings and assemblies and should be clear to all students. They are:

  • we follow our FRIENDS values,
  • bullying and harassment, physical violence or verbal abuse is unacceptable,
  • building passes are required to enter school buildings during recess and lunch,
  • appropriate hats must be worn on the playground,
  • bicycle racks, canteen and front of the main school building are "no play areas".

School Governance

The School Board is the official governing body of Chapman Primary School. The Board consists of six members: 3 parent representatives, 2 teacher representatives, and one community representative. Members of the Board gain their positions through election. The Board is responsible for all policy decisions for the school. Link to the School Board.


Outside school hours the school buildings are under the protection of a security system. However any suspicious behaviour on school property should be reported to Police immediately. Parents, students and community members who use the school after hours are asked to enter and leave by the entrance nearest the School Office. At 3.15 pm the school is locked from the inside. Exit from the school must be made from the entrance nearest the School Office, do not under any circumstances leave by any other door.

Social Skills Program

Chapman runs a social skills program, Bounce Back, which is based on developing resilience in students as well as teaching core values such as honesty, friendliness and respect.  The program also addresses issues such as dealing with emotions and bullying and supports the school's approach to behaviour management. Many aspects of the program work at building relationships amongst students/staff and the wider school community. The program is literacy based and includes a variety of strategies many based on discussion and cooperative work.

Sports Houses

Students are allocated to a 'House' for special events and carnivals and remain in this house throughout their primary years. These houses are:

  • Doyle - Blue
  • Austin - Green
  • Namatjira - Yellow
  • Perry - Red

Sun Protection Policy

Chapman Primary School's SunSmart Policy follows the Sun Protection Policy Guidelines for ACT Schools, "No Hat-No Play". A key requirement of the Sun Protection Policy is for students to wear hats which protect the face, neck and ears whenever the students are outside, from the beginning of August to the end of May. Students without suitable hats are required to play in the shade. Parents are requested to buy a school hat from the Uniform Shop and also provide a sun protection factor (SPF) 15 plus water resistant sunscreen. The school has provided additional outdoor seating and tree planting as measures to support the policy.

Supervision in the Playground

The school is fortunate to have an attractive playground featuring play equipment, grass areas, asphalt and access to the community oval located adjacent to the school. The playground is supervised by the teaching staff each recess and lunch. However, staff are on duty in classrooms before school and are not rostered for playground duty before 9.00am. Children should not arrive at school until after 8.30am. If necessary, assistance is available from 8.30-9.00am from the Principal or the Deputy Principal.