Our Curriculum


A Positive Learning Environment

Chapman Primary School is committed to the provision of a broad range of educational programs supportive of all students achieving their potential. This provision is underpinned by the belief that every child brings unique strengths and aptitudes to their learning which need to be acknowledged and catered for to maximize individual learning outcomes. We are committed to respecting every child's uniqueness and cater for their individual needs. This includes addressing the specific learning needs of the significant number of students at the school who also have gifts and talents in a range of both academic and non-academic areas.

We promote a positive, inclusive learning climate that recognises the importance of each individual developing high self-esteem and encourages all students to strive for excellence.

The relationship between student wellbeing and student learning is fundamental to a positive learning environment. The Chapman school community proactively advocates and promotes the link between learning and wellbeing through curriculum practices, school culture and a safe, happy and healthy  environment.

Girls skipping as part of the Skipping Team 'Chapman Champs

The Curriculum Model

The philosophy and values of the school are implemented through our curriculum and pedagogy. All learning programs are based on;

The Early Years Learning Framework in preschool.

The Australian Curriculum and required content from kindergarten to year 6,  is delivered through an integrated model when authentic links can be made.

Key Learning Areas:

Further Information regarding the Australian Curriculum is available from the links below:

Enrichment and extra-curricular activities

In addition to enrichment opportunities within class teaching and to ensure that our students are inspired to learn outside of the classroom and develop the skills required for the world beyond their primary education, we offer a wide range of experiences and challenges that enrich our curriculum. Through our Curriculum Enrichment program we use the talents and experiences of others from outside of the school, in combination with the talents and interests of staff within our school.

These experiences include regular lunchtime programs which will vary from year to year depending on student interest and teacher skill and many larger projects and productions that occur over a longer period of time on an annual or bi-annual basis. These include activities such as chess, gardening, skipping, band, writing, science and ICT clubs, photography and dance.

Students also have the opportunity to assume leadership roles, to be active citizens, and to be involved in the corporate life of the school. We have Peer Support leaders, House Captains, a Student Representative Council (SRC), Playground Friends, ICT leaders, Garden Gurus, Waste Wise team, an Energy team and Buddies.

Children playing their buckets in Bucket Band

Enrichment Activities beyond the Classroom

In addition to classroom learning Chapman Primary School offers a number of extra-curricular activities and programs to provide enrichment opportunities for students in a range of areas. Many of these take place within the school, drawing on the skills of staff members. Others activities make use of the expertise of community groups and other specialized programs available outside the school. This also includes a range of competitions, public speaking challenges and performances