Minister for the Environment, Simon Corbell, presenting a Sustainability Award to Children at Chapman Primary School 

Chapman Primary School is a leader in Sustainable practices across the ACT System and is renowned for the commitment to being a 5 Star Accredited School.  The school continues to develop and refine the sustainability practices throughout the school. We provide opportunities for students to become active and informed citizens so that they can take responsibility for their actions and contribute to an environmentally sustainable future. 

Through the Sustainable Schools Program we aim to: 

Children with produce from the Sustainability Centre 

The Enviro Squad is influential in ensuring that students across the school are sustainably aware and manage waste appropriately. The Garden Gurus, parents and teachers participate in the maintenance of our "Sunlight Centre", a community garden which grows produce for the community and our Energy Agents ensure that we conserve our power by monitoring lights and computers.

Staff and students have participated in many conferences and have attended many forums on Sustainability over the years.  Sustainable practices have been embedded within the school culture and despite staff changes have continued to flourish. Chapman Primary School is a sustainable school which nurtures a love of learning and brings personal, social and environmental responsibility to the community. As students act for an environmentally sustainable future with opportunities for positive action, the school improves and protects the health and well-being of its children.