Welcome to Chapman Primary School’s P&C run canteen. We are a Healthy School Canteen providing a range of homemade and pre-prepared healthy food delivered straight to your child’s classroom. You can get in touch with us at

We are open on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays:

As a part of a thriving Chapman Primary community we are grateful for the many volunteers supporting our canteen manger, Emily and our canteen assistant, Tiffany. We are also pleased to be supported during recess by the Year 6 school leaders and appreciate the support given by the Enviro Squad in responding to the ACT Government’s single use plastics ban.


Volunteers are needed on Thursdays and Fridays for lunch preparation and over the counter sales. Shifts are 10.30am – 12.30pm. Volunteer shifts are managed through School24. To register, go to and click on login/register. You’ll need our School’s registration ID which is 2556963.

No prior familiarity or skill is needed, Emily and Tiffany will support you 100% and there is nothing quite like the experience! Come for one shift or come for many. We strongly encourage grandparents and relatives who would like to contribute more to the school community as well as mums, dads and carers.


Lunch orders are made through School24.

Cash sales only for over the counter snacks. The canteen is a safe and caring environment where your child can learn how to use money and gain confidence asking for what they’d like.