A-Z Parent Information



A well-equipped and attractively designed canteen is located behind the library. The canteen is operated Wednesday - Friday, providing lunches and recess snacks as well as special lunches on occasions. A manager is employed by the P&C.  Further information such as term menus and online payment information is available in the Canteen section of this website

Parents who can assist with canteen work are urged to do so by contacting members of the Canteen Committee or Canteen Manager.

Car Parking

Parents are urged to exercise extreme caution in the car parks, especially after school when the car parks are very busy. Parents are asked to use the school driveway when entering the carpark but please remember not to park in the bus zone which is located on the left of the school driveway. Parking is also available on Streeton Drive.

Collection of Money

It would be appreciated if parents could send in payments to the class teacher for excursions etc. in a sealed envelope bearing:

  • the child's name
  • the child's class
  • amount enclosed
  • purpose (eg. Botanic gardens excursion)

A receipt will be issued for amounts over $10 and sent home with your child.

Communication With Parents

Close and effective two-way communication between the school and the home is vital to the educational process. Parents are asked to make an appointment for any discussion with the Principal, Deputy Principal, Counsellor or teachers. An appointment will be arranged at the earliest possible time and attention will be given immediately to urgent issues. Parents are always welcome to visit the school.

The Newsletter is the main means of communication between the school and school community.  It contains information about school activities, excursions, meetings, coming events and policy information.  Student work samples are regularly included to inform parents of the current learning being taught in each year level. The school newsletter link is emailed home fortnightly on Thursdays.  Please ensure you have given your email address to the Front Office.

Other avenues for communication are through the Class Carers Program, school website, parent/teacher interviews and three way conferences, formal reporting, information evenings, P&C/School Board meetings and functions, and facebook. Facebook is utilised primarily to celebrate our successes and notification of events. The following link outlines the full Chapman Primary School Communication Framework.

Parents are assured that communication is always made when a child's progress or behaviour indicates that this is necessary. Likewise, it is very important that parents contact the school whenever anything occurs in the home environment which might affect your child's work.

Contact Numbers

Contact numbers and addresses need to be kept up to date with the Front Office. Children can be distressed unnecessarily when sickness or illness occurs and the contact number is out of date.


We have the services of a school psychologist for two and a half days a week. The psychologist is responsible for supporting the school in identifying special educational needs of students. She is also available to support students and families in times of need.  Please contact the Front Office to request a meeting.

Court Orders and Parenting Agreements

Please discuss any special circumstances with the Principal and lodge copies of these orders/agreements with the Office Manager. Court Orders can only be enforced if the school has a current copy. They are treated confidentially in our school.


The Chapman Preschool unit follows the principles from the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

The Primary School curriculum is based on the Australian Curriculum. There are eight learning areas. Some areas include more than one subject.

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • The Arts
  • Technologies
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Languages.