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The ACT Department of Education provides the bulk of finance spent on the running of the school.  In general the buildings and facilities and provides for basic requirements. This amount needs to be augmented if our children are to receive the quality education which is their right.

Voluntary contributions are an important part of the school's budget and your contribution enables our children to learn in the richest possible environment.  They are spent in consultation with the School Board and P&C – following suggestions from parents to buy facilities and services such as books, playground equipment and physical education equipment.

We hope that those who are able will make their contribution to the school.  

Voluntary Contributions Departmental Statement

"For many years students have benefited from the additional financial resources provided through voluntary financial contributions from parents, carer and other citizens.  These contributions have assisted the school to conduct additional programs and activities and purchase educational materials.

The School Board has suggested that the following contributions will directly support the educational programs provided by the school.  This voluntary contribution may be made in full, in part or by installments.

Section 27 of the Education Act 2004 however clearly states that:

  1. each contribution must be voluntary    
  2. a child is not to be refused benefits or services because the child's parents do not make a contribution 
  3. a child is not harassed for contributions
  4. any record of contributions is confidential".

Chapman Primary also has a 'Program Requirement' payment, which covers the cost of several school performances/workshops and bus trips for Kindergarten to Year 6 to attend excursions.  The Program Requirement payment for Preschool covers the cost of resources and consumables.  The cost of Program Requirements is calculated each year and notification is sent home early in the new year. The amount will vary according to year level.  

Occasionally class excursions do incur incidental costs but these will be kept to a minimum, for example, entry to some exhibitions and for guides or resources provided.  Please note that Program Requirements does not include costs for the Intensive Swimming Program, the Friday Sports Program and School Camps.  Information for these events will be sent out separately throughout the year.

Payments can be made to the Front Office by cash, cheque, Visa, MasterCard credit cards, money order or online payment.

Fresh Tastes at Chapman Primary School

The Fresh Tastes program is about creating a healthy food and drink culture throughout every part of school life. Schools are supported to do this through the delivery of six action areas: Healthy Food and Drink Guidelines, Classroom Learning, Food for Sale, Growing Food, Cooking Food and Food from Home.

ACT Smart Schools provide Horticultural Services to schools. We have had a Horticulturalist visit who provided specialised advice on creating special gardens, garden design to reduce energy and water consumption, plant selection, maintaining gardens, keeping chickens, composting and worm farms and creating habitats to increase biodiversity.

We have a fabulous Sunlight Centre that supports Classroom Learning and the Growing of Food. We have a strong community link with Global Worming with a large Worm Farm. We are the host farm for several schools in our network.

The Sunlight Centre is the name of Chapman’s school garden. It is looked after by our Year 3 Gardening Guru’s. Each Wednesday they meet in the Sunlight Centre where they water the plants, weed the garden beds, clean/sort tools and harvest any fresh produce that is ready to eat. The produce grown in the garden is then sold to parents, carers and the wider Chapman community at our fortnightly assemblies. The money raised helps to buy more plants for the garden. If you would like further information or to make a donation, please contact Melina Clark on melina.clark@ed.act.edu.au

You can keep updated about Fresh Tastes, the Sunlight Centre and our Worm Farm through Facebook, Assemblies and the Communicator.