A-Z Parent Information


Learning Support and Enrichment

Learning support is available for students in need of extra support in literacy and numeracy. Small group and individual assistance is available based on teacher assessment and referral. Support for students with English as an additional language or dialect (EALD) is also available. A variety of programs are available to students to enrich their school experiences.

  • Learning Support Team: The Learning Support Team consists of the Deputy Principal, Literacy/Numeracy co-ordinators, EALD teacher and school psychologist.  The team leads the management and support of student academic social and behaviour needs.
  • Literacy Numeracy Support: Students in need of extra support in literacy and numeracy have the opportunity to enhance their learning through targeted and small group support and 1:1 individualised programs.
  • EALD: To support the English language development of students with english as an additional language or dialect the EALD program is delivered in consultation with the classroom teacher by an EALD specialist.

Parents should speak to the classroom teacher, school psychologist or a member of the Executive Team about concerns regarding the learning or social development of their child.

Leaving the School Premises

No child is allowed to leave the school grounds during the day without written permission from a parent.

In the interests of safety we seek the co-operation of all parents to let us know of children who are obviously out of school without permission. It is better to be over cautious than to fail to report to us, as a child's safety may be at stake.

If any child is required by parents to leave the school between 8.50am and 3.00pm a signed and dated note must be sent to the class teacher. It is preferable for parents to personally call for children for such school absences. ALL students must see front office staff before leaving the school.

Children buying lunches are encouraged to do so at the school canteen. No child will be permitted to go to the shops during the lunch hour unless a signed and dated note has been received by the class teacher. Children who go home for lunch regularly should bring a note at the beginning of the term. Those who go home periodically should bring a note on each occasion they will be going home.

Liaison with Preschool and High School

It is very important to recognise that developmental learning is an on-going process and it is vital that effective liaison between the Preschool and the Primary School and the Primary School and the High School is maintained.

Regular, open communication with, and visits between the Preschool and High Schools is an integral part of Chapman Primary School's efforts in this area.


The Library/Resource Centre is operated by the Teacher Librarian. Children visit in class groups, small groups or individually for research and private borrowing. The Library is automated and children are instructed in the use of the computer for locating information. In addition to class visits, the Library is also open for children's use during lunch times. Ebooks can also be utilised through the Library. Your child will need their individual school computer username and log-on details.

Lost Property

Your child's name should be marked clearly on all personal belongings, particularly clothing.  Unclaimed belongings are kept in the Lost Property Box located adjacent to the Front Office and may be checked at any time.


We encourage you to provide a healthy lunch for your child in a named lunch box. Please keep packaging and wraps to a minimum. For more information, please refer to the canteen menu.