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Student Medical Forms

The department is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for students.  While school staff have a duty of care to students to provide first aid assistance when required, it is the responsibility of the parent to notify the school of any medical issues and/or medications that their child is taking.

All parents are required to complete the Medical Information and Consent Form for their child annually. This form provides general medical information and consent for first aid and the administration of authorised medications.

The Known Medical Condition Response Plan is required annually only for students with a known medical condition.

If your child suffers from Diabetes, Asthma, Anaphylaxis or Epilepsy you are also required to complete a specific management plan annually which is available from the associated health organisation’s website (links are provided on the Known Medical Condition Response Plan).

If medication is required to be administered at school a Medication Authorisation and Administration Record must be completed and returned to school. Parents need to inform teachers and front office staff and have their medications labelled.

All students attending an excursion must have a current Excursion Medical Permission note completed. If the information that you provided on your child's Excursion Medical Information form has changed since the beginning of this year (eg medications) please complete a new form for your child prior to an excursion.

All medical forms are also available from the Front Office.

Absence Note

If your child is absent from school please notify the front office on 6205 7300 and send a note detailing the absence when your child returns to school. An Absent Form is available to download and complete.

Program Requirements and Voluntary Contributions

The following link takes you to the payment section of our website:

If you have children in both Preschool and Primary School, payments can be made together on the Primary Payment Note.

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